8 Common Apartment Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Decorating your apartment properly for special occasions requires knowing what not to do. Here are common apartment decorating mistakes and how to avoid them.

There are some fashion faux pas that will never change: socks with sandals, camouflage, and tactical sunglasses. But while your outfit is looking good, have you considered the apartment decorating mistakes that you could be making?

Your apartment is an extension of who you are. It reflects what sorts of habits you have, and what you value most. And when it takes about 7 seconds to make a first impression, you want it to look good for visitors.

Whether you're decorating for special occasions or for the long term, there are some things you should avoid. Let's discuss apartment decorations and furnishings that make any space look good.

1. Apartment Decorating Mistakes: Decorating Everything as if It's a Single Room

Many live in studio apartments, so it's understandable that your brain treats the space as one. The result is that it all feels like one big single-use room. The kitchen, bedroom, and living space all merge into one.

This isn't good for decor, and it's terrible for your sanity. Find ways to divide up the space, whether with rugs or pieces of furniture. It's important to compartmentalize places for their designated use–i.e. the bed is for sleeping and nothing else.

You should have a common theme, to be clear. But by portioning the place into chunks, you use decor appropriate to each function. Then the apartment appears to have more space than it really does.

2. Wasting Space Rather Than Focusing on Utility

Limited space shouldn't mean limited decorations. It should mean, however, that each piece gives you a lot of bang for its buck. Multi-function furniture is an excellent way to maximize your apartment's size.

For example, make ample use of your walls. This allows you to relocate storage to shelves rather than cluttering the floor. And since shelves are an excellent decorative piece, they add flair and utility in a single piece.

Use convertible couches and desks that serve dual functions. At the same time, make sure the furniture is streamlined, taking up a minimal footprint.

3. Buying Apartment Furniture from the Same Place

Moving can be a nightmare, so it's only understandable that you want to get it over with. Not many people enjoy standing around in home improvement stores for long hours–especially when exhausted from lugging boxes. But it's a big mistake to make your local furniture store a one-stop shop.

For starters, this limits what style options you have. The store manager may have a distinct idea in mind, meaning they won't supply furniture that doesn't fit their own taste.

Further, you can get better deals if you shop around. You might find furniture from a different style that compliments the existing pieces.

4. Leaving Generic Details in Place

Whether your apartment is furnished or not, one thing is true: it has the same fixtures, carpet, and color as your neighbors. Unfortunately, you can't exactly repaint the place and rip out the carpet without the landlord's permission.

However, make an effort to create a unique space. Use non-permanent additions like wall panels, throw-down rugs, new curtains, and potted plants. This builds an individual space that feels like home with apartment accessory options that fit you, not the landlord.

Swap things up with seasonal apartment decorations. Holiday apartment decorations can freshen up a space before you get bored with it.

5. Not Knowing Where to Save, and Where to Splurge

When it comes to big-ticket items, you want the best quality. But the best quality comes at a price.

Buying cheap saves you a lot of money now, but may cost you later. Your furniture and decor will wear out faster, necessitating replacements closer down the line than you think.

Put money into the things that matter most, like the bed, couch, and desk. Go cheaper on everything else, such as wall paintings and end table pieces.

6. Not Using Psychology to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

A small apartment doesn't need to feel like a small apartment. It's easy to trick the eye and make the brain believe that the space is larger than it really is.

The easiest example is to put large mirrors on the wall, giving the impression that the space is twice as large. Mount curtain rods as high up as possible, to suggest floor-to-ceiling windows. Use smaller furniture and avoid covering up the floor.

These tips and more can give the impression that your humble one-bedroom is three times as large.

7. Preferring Artificial Over Natural Light

Bright LEDs can give powerful, clean light. Yellow bulbs can create a cozy effect. But sunlight beats them both, bringing life and vibrance into your space.

Instead of blinds, consider using one layer of sheer curtains that let the light in without sacrificing privacy. Open as many windows as possible, including those in bedrooms and bathrooms. The natural light will fill your home, and give its occupants some necessary vitamin B, too.

8. Using Standard Ceiling Fixtures

This one depends on how much your landlord lets you change. The ceiling is just as important as the rest of your apartment. But many apartment tenants neglect to decorate this important space.

Avoid bog-standard fixtures such as ceiling fans and chandeliers. Instead, go for track lights or up-lighting for a more evocative ambiance. Add some lamps and strip lights to give further illumination.

Decide on a guiding style for your apartment's lighting. Do you want bright and sterile, or recessed and warm? Stick with a theme that fits the entire property.

Find an Apartment Home for You

Apartment decorating mistakes can happen to the best of us. And with the landlord's restrictions on how many holes you can drill, you might not have the motivation to decorate. Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to make any space more lively and memorable without breaking your lease.

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