6 Reasons Why You Should Move Into Morgan Hill Apartments

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Are you moving near San Jose for work, family, or retirement? Learn why you should start your new chapter at Morgan Hill apartments!

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Despite its small-town feel, Morgan Hill has experienced some of the most rapid growth in population over the past five years. In fact, it's ranked as one of the fastest-growing communities in California and the U.S. thanks to a plethora of impressive liveability characteristics.

Located in the county of Santa Clara, Morgan Hill is the epitome of affluent suburban living, but also offers easy access to some of California's most fantastic attractions and business hubs, including Silicon Valley.

If you're considering a move to sunny California, here's why Morgan Hill Apartments is one of the best options, no matter what stage of life you're in!

1. Morgan Hill Is Far More Diverse Than It Appears

With a population of approximately 44,000, Morgan Hill spreads out over 12 miles, making for a well-spaced, uncrowded place to live. Due to its affluent reputation, many people assume the city has an older population. However, the reality is that the average age is 38.6 years old.

The city not only caters to young families but is also the ideal environment for single, working adults, thanks to its accessibility and proximity to business hubs. The homely, suburban environment also makes it an ideal city for seniors.

Morgan Hill is also far more culturally diverse than many cities in America, with a good balance of Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian populations.

2. It's Affordable and Safe

The factors that make a city great to live in are very subjective. What might appeal to one person, could be a deterrent to another. But if there are two common factors that most people can agree on, it's the safety and affordability of living that matters most.

The great news is that Morgan Hill has a below-average crime rate. It's safer than 32 percent of U.S. cities. All in all, it's one of the best cities to live in California in terms of crime statistics.

The cost of living also plays a huge role in the liveability scale of a city. The last thing you want as a resident is for housing costs or rent to consume most of your income. While the cost of living and rent in Morgan Hill is higher than the national average, this city's healthy economy, booming job market, safety, and amenities balance things out.

3. It Offers Some of the Best Schools and Colleges

If you're at a stage of life where you have children to consider, Morgan Hill is renowned for its schooling options. Served by the Morgan Hill Unified School District, you have a great range of both public and private schools to choose from. Many of the public schools in the area have earned a California Gold Ribbon for excellence.

Not only this, but the Unified School District also offers a variety of events and camps throughout the year to support your child's learning and development. Some of the best schooling options in the district include Sobrato High School and the Charter School of Morgan Hill.

If you're looking at higher education, there are a number of top-notch colleges in the region to consider. Some of the best include Gavilan College, best for associate degrees, and the Jesuit Santa Clara University.

4. Enjoy Comfortable Year-Round Weather

If California is well-known for anything it has to be the weather. Due to its location in Southern California, Morgan Hill offers a typical Mediterranean climate, which means warm, comfortable weather for the majority of the year.

In the summer months, temperatures tend to reach a high of 87 degrees Fahrenheit, while in the winter you can expect a low of 39 degrees Fahrenheit. The city does not experience high amounts of rainfall — far less than the national average.

For the most part, you can expect warm, sunny days throughout the year, with some of the best weather from June-September.

5. Make the Most of a Booming Job Market

A healthy economy makes for a healthy, sustainable way of life in any city. And with Morgan Hill's job market, it's not hard to see why so many people have flocked to the city in search of work opportunities.

In addition to this, wages have increased substantially over the past few years, counteracting the higher cost of living. Due to its proximity to the well-known Silicon Valley, this region is well-suited to those with careers in mechanical and process engineering, as well as IT.

The average yearly salary you can expect to earn in this part of California is approximately $77,465 per year, with an average wage of $37 per hour.

6. Morgan Hill Apartments Offer Everything You Need

Finally, you are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to fantastic neighborhoods in Morgan Hill, as well as the selection of home options. One such option is Morgan Ranch Apartments, located on Vintage Lane, in the heart of Morgan Hill.

While close enough to the buzz of San Jose, the location of these apartments offers a warm and homely feel. When you choose Morgan Ranch, you're choosing an entire community where residents feel safe and welcome.

The residences offer all the modern amenities you need, as well as beautiful open-plan apartments with one, two, or three-bedroom options. Just some of the amenities offered include a resort-style pool, a fitness studio, a steaming spa, modern appliances in each apartment, hardwood-inspired flooring, and more.

Considering a Move to Morgan Hill?

If the city of Morgan Hill sounds appealing to you — whether you're a young family, in your senior years, or a single working adult, there really is something for everyone.

Morgan Hill Apartments offer the same. With modern amenities, plenty of space, and a brilliant location, Morgan Ranch is the perfect option for all lifestyle types. Get your application here and become a Morgan Hill resident in no time!


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