7 Functional Apartment Decorations Every Apartment Owner Should Have

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7 Functional Apartment Decorations Every Apartment Owner Should Have

Are you looking for stylish and sensible ways to decorate your space? Click here for seven functional apartment decorations every apartment owner should have.

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A small apartment doesn't mean you have to compromise your taste. Having less space doesn't mean you have to choose function over style. If you live in a small apartment, you simply have to be strategic and creative about decoration ideas, what you buy, and where you plan to place it.

When you're short on space, consider your lifestyle and what your apartment lacks before purchasing new products. Everything you buy should be a net positive addition to your apartment.

Tiny can be trendy. But trendy should also be functional. Here are seven must-have apartment decorations every apartment owner should own.

1. Large Mirror

The first tip that all interior designers will suggest is a large mirror in your space. Have you ever seen a mirror and first thought that there was more to a room? That was probably on purpose.

Mirrors can provide the illusion of a larger apartment by reflecting the space back to you. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll have more space, but it can give the appearance of a more open space. The trick is where you place the mirror and the size of it.

Place the mirror where it'll be able to reflect most of the space. You also want to ensure that you're capturing some natural light so that it reflects some of the light from the window back into the room. Opt for a larger mirror that you can wither mount on or lean against a wall.

2. Streamlined Furniture

If you have a small space, you want to create the appearance of an open space. That means keeping your apartment d├ęcor and furniture light. It also sounds obvious, but large or more furniture means less living space.

Visually heavy items feel like they take up more space and can make a small apartment feel even smaller. So while a big, chunky sofa may be comfortable to sink into, it may not be the best option for a small space.

If you have too large of furniture or too many pieces, your apartment can start to feel like a maze. Remedy this issue by choosing visually lighter pieces. Sofas where you can see the legs and leggy side chair options are better for small spaces. Also, be cautious about packing your apartment full of furniture.

3. Double-Duty Storage Solutions

In a small space, storage is a must, but not every apartment is graced with ample storage. Instead, find storage that can play double duty.

For example, look for a bench or ottoman that opens up to store extra blankets, clothes, or miscellaneous items. Then you'll be able to use their piece of furniture to put your feet up while watching TV.

Choose a bed with built-in drawers that you can keep sheets or pajamas in. Or maybe a floor lamp that has shelves that you can use as your nightstand.

4. Add Shelves to Use Vertical Space

When you can't go out, go up. Using vertical space in the apartment accomplishes two things: saving floor space and providing storage. You can use shelves in every room of your apartment.

For the living room, shelves can display books, DVDs, or other knickknacks. A bathroom shelf can be freestanding or sit over a toilet and allow you to store toiletries. In a kitchen, shelving can act like a pantry.

5. Smart Storage in Kitchen

You have to be smart with the way you use your cabinet storage. Shoving your cleaning products, pots, and pans into cabinets and hoping for the best is not the way to go.

Instead, look for cabinet organizers for pots, pans, and lids. Don't forget to use the cabinet doors for extra storage space. Use these in upper cabinets too to organize spices, baking supplies, and cereal boxes.

You can also look for counter storage options that look like stylish decor. Use these to help keep your fruit or coffee pods organized. A mug tree is also a great option to display your mugs and save some cabinet space.

6. Let Natural Light Shine

One key to making a space feel airy and open is ample natural light. So be sure to let natural light shine throughout the apartment. It's also important not to block the light coming into the space.

Choose light-colored or sheer curtains that don't block the natural light. You can also use the interior designer trick of placing curtain rods a few feet above the window. When paired with long curtains to reach almost to the floor, the ceilings appear larger.

You can also use natural light to your advantage. Clear shelves that attach with suction cups are great for growing plants or herbs. But be cautious not to cover too much of the window. You also don't want to block any light with furniture.

7. Put it On the Wall

In a small apartment, you want to save as much floor space as possible. This will prevent the apartment from feeling cramped. Your walls are a great way to decorate your home, but also for storage.

Mount shelves on the wall to hold plants, books, pictures, and decor in the living room and bedroom. Add a shower self to the shower walls to hold your soaps and shampoos. You can even create entryway storage to set your keys or hand coats. For even tinier space, you can find corner shelves.

Save yourself some space on a nightstand or end table and a wall sconce for lighting. There are many options that plug-in like regular lamps so you don't have to make large holes in the wall.

Functional Apartment Decorations for Small Spaces

Sometimes apartment living is inevitable. And those apartments might not offer a ton of space. But that doesn't mean you have to see it as a negative. Instead, consider decorating a small apartment as a chance to be creative.

You can choose functional apartment decorations that are still stylish to fill your space. Create a buying and decorating strategy that takes your lifestyle and living needs into account. Your small apartment will feel like home in no time.

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