7 Space-Saving Strategies for Small Apartments

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7 Space-Saving Strategies for Small Apartments

Many people have trouble maximizing the space they have in their apartment. Check out these 7 space-saving strategies for small apartments.

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Who cares about the square feet of your place? It's what you do with the space that matters. Whether you have a bunch of gaming consoles to store or enjoy the luxury of a sectional couch, we can find a way to feng-shui your apartment. 

Small apartments have plenty of advantages. In addition to the amenities, they are also simple to furnish and keep clean. 

We've found that the main issue with small apartments is the lack of storage spaces. We'll help you get creative with space-saving optimization.

1. Declutter and Organize

First and foremost, you have to go through your belongings and decide the value they hold in your life. Do this at least once a year, as importance tends to fade with time and lack of use. 

We know it's hard to declutter your home, so find some inspiration. Watch Marie Kondo's special on Netflix, scroll through the organization side of TikTok and do what you need to do.

Once you do throw out some useless things, we doubt you'll even think of them again. And it'll be so good to have that extra space in your closet.

2. Hidden in Plain Sight

Furniture designers have been working overtime to get you multi-functional pieces. Investing in a coffee table with various drawers allows for random belongings to be hidden in plain sight. 

A storage ottoman can help keep your love of cozy blankets organized into one small area. 

If you love to entertain, consider a table with a removable leaf. That way, you can have a bigger table when needed, and keep things tidy when it's just you. 

3. Vertical Storage

Shelves on shelves on shelves! These are your best friends when it comes to keeping your things organized and out of your way. Rather than stacking boxes on the ground in various corners of your apartment, invest in some shelving that speaks to you. 

These can also have a dual purpose depending on your needs. Find some shelves with hooks attached to hang your jackets or purses. 

Organizing things vertically allows for easier access and a more intentional design. You can throw anything on a shelf—just add a plant or a statement piece and you'll be set!

4. Blank Canvas

Walls tend to be underutilized in apartment living. And we get it, it can be scary to drill holes into a place that you're renting. But walls can be patched up. 

You are paying for the ground you walk on and the ceiling that shelters you. And the walls that grant you privacy! Take advantage of the space you're paying for.

If you don't have room for a home office, install a wall desk that can be easily stored away when not in use. This can be in the same room as a Murphy bed, granting you a dual-purpose room.

Walls are not just for posters and paintings either. Insert a jewelry organizer into your gallery wall for freed space on your countertops. Use the back of your closet door as a shoe rack.

You can even decorate with some recreational items of your choosing. Skis, snowboards, surfboards, and skateboards make for great decor and a conversation starter. 

5. Everything Has a Place

If you have a small apartment, the best thing you can do is stay on top of your cleaning. Put your clothes and dishes away immediately. A decluttered space is a decluttered mind!

If you have a studio apartment, it can be difficult to differentiate where a thing's "home" is. Consider "zoning" out your place.

Use a plant wall to separate your living area from your bedroom. Find a cheap room divider and paint it your favorite color. It may seem like adding more things is the opposite of saving space, but it is actually helping distinguish between two separate spaces. 

6. Design Tricks

If you feel as though you've done all of these other tricks to no avail, there are a few other ways to make your apartment feel less claustrophobic. 

Make use of whatever light your windows let in. Open those curtains and windows—let fresh air in. A stuffy apartment will feel smaller than it actually is.

Mirrors can also aid in supplementing natural light in your space. Think back to the gallery wall: a few thrifted mirrors can reflect light back into your space to give the illusion of a more open concept. 

An accent wall is also helpful in adding depth to a small room. When done correctly, it can trick the eyes into seeing a larger space than when all four walls are the same color. 

7. This is Your Sanctuary

You are the one living in the apartment, so do whatever makes you happy. Again, you're paying for the space, so take advantage of it! Make it your own. 

It is your safe space. It is your comfort place. 

If you want your bedroom to be where most people would put a couch, then do it! If you want your home office in the kitchen, who cares! There are no rules when it comes to decorating an area that you are paying for. Get creative.

Apartment Living Done Right

In reality, no one needs a mansion. What people need is a place that makes them happy, and you can cultivate that anywhere you go. With a few design tips and storage hacks, you'll never want to leave your apartment. 

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