Clever Décor Hacks for Your Apartment

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Clever Decor Hacks for Your Apartment


Have you ever wanted to paint, alter, or redo your apartment’s interior, but you’re worried about risking your security deposit? Don’t stress! We’ve compiled a list of renter-friendly decor hacks sure to level up any living space! From adding vibrant wallpaper to incorporating modern mirrors, these simple techniques will help bring your interior design visions to life!


1.   Peel And Stick Wallpaper


Add the perfect pop of color to your home’s walls without the commitment of permanent wallpaper or paint! On top of it being cost-effective and super easy to use, it also comes in a large array of colors and patterns. Some wallpapers even have sound-dampening technology, minimizing the noise between shared walls. Not ready to commit just yet? There are plenty of wall art options as well—especially on Esty!


2.   Large Mirrors


Even though a small living space might leave you with limited options, you can always use decor to give the illusion of a larger space! Try adding some large, strategically-placed mirrors! They come in so many shapes and sizes—the options are endless! Whether you opt for a standing mirror or you choose a smaller mirror to hang up, they provide the perfect finishing touch to your home!


3.   Bookshelves


To avoid a cramped and cluttered space, invest in a bookshelf! They’re a great blank canvas that you can paint or decorate to match your desired aesthetic! Need some decor style ideas? Postmodern and industrialism are currently trending! Regardless of the style you choose, bookshelves can be a neat way to store things like candles, holiday decor, or knick-knacks! Just grab a cute storage bin, slide it in, and you’re all set! This statement is sure to tie your space together in a stylish and functional way.


4.   Window Coverings


Don’t go swapping your windows for stained glass just yet! If you want colorful natural light radiating through your home, we have just the suggestion. Try out window coverings or iridescent stickers to achieve the desired effect. They’ll give your home the vibrant, airy feel you’ve been dreaming of. If your home overlooks scenic views, window coverings and stickers can make your view that much prettier!


5.   Unique Lighting


There are loads of different options to explore when it comes to lighting. While you likely can’t replace in-unit light fixtures, you do have a bit of control with lamps and other light sources! Consider high quality LED’s or even lanterns for the perfect evening ambiance. Regardless of your chosen decor style, these unique sources are sure to brighten up your space!


6.   Wall Collages


Poking holes in the wall for picture frames isn’t the best idea. But don’t let that stop you! Use a variety of command strips or hooks to hang wall art of all kinds! Either go with a specific artist, a particular art form, or your own pictures for a nostalgic touch! Either way, it’s the perfect opportunity to personalize your home and truly make it your own!


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