5 Must Have Features of Any Luxury Rental Apartment

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5 Must Have Features of Any Luxury Rental Apartment

Are you looking for a luxury rental apartment? Here are five must-have features of any luxury rental apartment. Read on for more.


What's so special about a luxury rental apartment?

If you're struggling to answer this, at least understand that there's more to luxury than a mintier price tag.

After all, if there wasn't much extra benefit to a luxury apartment, why should you bother at all? How would living in one elevate your lifestyle?

There are certain key features to an apartment that render it particularly modern and polished. Living in these units should leave no room for discomfort and offer upgraded convenience.

So keep reading if you're interested in learning more. You'll learn about five must have features of an opulent rental apartment, letting you know what to look for during your search for the perfect luxury unit.

1. Open Space

Sure, different regions have different housing price ranges. But if you're paying anything close to a pretty penny for an apartment in Morgan Hill, CA, then a spacious home isn't optional – it's basically required.

Of course, you would have already known how spacious the apartment is before moving in. But this isn't purely for the sake of storage and fitting your furniture (though of course, your home should easily accommodate both). It's also so that your home feels as big as it really is and maintains its modern aesthetic.

So when setting up your furniture, arranging storage, and more, make sure that you keep your apartment as spacious as possible. Don't overcrowd and clutter your space to ensure that your apartment maintains as clean of a look as possible.

Luckily, our 9-foot ceilings will help you achieve just that. Height can make a huge difference to the feel of open space, even if that openness isn't horizontal. This way, your home will never feel stuffy or closed in.

2. Local Entertainment

When browsing luxury apartments in Morgan Hill, CA, it's important to consider the apartment features outside of the complex too. After all, your lifestyle shouldn't be restricted to the interior of your home.

Everyone has a different idea of entertainment. But even if you're someone that usually prefers the peace and quiet of enjoying tea under blankets, it's natural to want a little excitement once in a while. If you're seeking a home for your family, then that's even more reason to find ways for you and your loved ones to bond.

For that reason, we've compiled a short list of fun and diverse activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy in your local zipcode. Here are a few of those fun-filled activities, though they're only a few of many:

  • Hiking in Nob Hill Trail Park
  • Bowling at Morgan Hill Bowl
  • Wining and dining at Castillo's Hillside Shire Winery
  • Catching a movie at CineLux Theatres

Not only that, but our apartments are located very close to the 101 freeway. This way, you can get to many other places without navigating so many local roads!

3. Community Amenities

In a luxury apartment, you don't want your lifestyle perks to be restricted to your immediate living area. You also want to ensure that the rest of the complex can meet your lifestyle needs. This includes fitness, outdoor hosting, a night swim, a playground, and more.

So if you need to decompress but don't want to hop in your car for it, then have faith when searching for new apartments in Morgan Hill, CA. Here, renting an apartment isn't just a matter of sleeping, eating, and entertaining guests by your kitchen island. It's also about having much more within reach.

At our apartments, we provide plenty of these amenities. For now, we can list a few that's bound to wow you:

  • Poolside fireplace
  • 24-hour accessible package lockers
  • Steaming spa
  • Pet spa

4. Luxurious Features

It only makes sense to enjoy luxury appliances in a luxury apartment. Otherwise, it's difficult to understand what you're paying for! While our apartments at Morgan Hill Ranch have all of the aforementioned renter amenities, we also ensure that we accommodate tenants within the walls of their homes too.

That's why your home is decked out with several modern features. Some of these features include:

  • Quartz countertops
  • Modern refrigerators with filtration + ice makers
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • In-unit washer and dryer
  • Designer interior finishes
  • Nest Smart Thermostat

We've got plenty to show to prove how our apartments are different from non-luxurious units. Not only is our luxury demonstrated through aesthetics, but also through function. This way, you'll be enjoying modern design and convenience.

5. Security

Whether you're living with a roommate or trying to find housing for your family, security is key. While having neighbors close by can help your neighbors look out for you, it's important that the staff of your apartment complex does their part to make you feel safe.

With on-site security personnel and quick response times, our apartment complexes can address immediate security concerns. Not only that, but this will deter individuals from attempting to commit crimes on our property in the first place.

We also have a comprehensive security camera system throughout the property (barring within units, of course). All this ensures that there is direct evidence of any crimes if they actually do happen.

Safety and security are important for all renters and their families. That's why we cover all the bases when it comes to security response and crime prevention.

A Rental Apartment With Luxury – It's What You Deserve!

Having the option for luxury means that you have access to many, many options. But when it comes to the livelihood of yourself and your family, sacrificing comfort and function isn't an option. Not only that, but you want luxury from a luxury rental apartment!

If this sounds like you, then head on over to view our floor plans at Morgan Ranch Apartment Homes! From there, you'll realize that our units have the touch of modernity and comfort that you need.

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